We have decades of experience, yet we consider ourselves at the beginning of our journey.

Our story is about products and people we believe in.

ADFlex was born in 1976 in San Vittore Olona (MI). It was founded by Angelo Dell’Acqua, now president of the company, after years of experience in plastic processing: the first name of the company was Lavorazioni Plastiche Snc.

Since the beginning we have the achievement of maximum efficiency and minimum waste as a primary goal, through experimenting different solutions and looking for the right technologies to speed up and perfect our work. We made it by adopting robotic machinery for tubes winding and packaging.

In the 80s and 90s we started connecting with foreign customers, thanks to new network of agents at European level, the establishment of an internal laboratory and the creation of an internal structure to assist customers also for all logistical and commercial needs.

However, our internationalization process has become relevant since the 2000s, when for the first time the foreign turnover exceeded 50% of the total, supported by the growing demand for certified quality products.

Internal growth was supported by partnerships and collaborations, which led in 2017 to the acquisition of Comec Srl, a company that assists industrial and professional customers in the choice of customized solutions for pipes and fittings, and in 2019 to the incorporation of Tecnoresine Bustese, an important Italian company specialized in the production of hoses for gardening and agriculture.

Actually, there was one more thing to do: renew the brand identity. In June 2019 we adopted the new name ADFlex and we renovate our mission: to design and produce our tubes trying to foresee the changes in the market and anticipate the needs of our customers, working on the products with care and genius, such as in the “Made in Italy” way.