Working with technology is our daily routine. For this reason, our search for the best machinery and the most useful production technologies is constant. To sit still and do nothing would mean acting to the detriment of the quality of our products and above all the quality of the work of our partners.

In Adflex, Innovation means putting Technology at the service of Efficiency, Quality and Precision:

  • We continuously invest in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0, integrating machinery, production lines and software to facilitate internal communication and interconnection with customers and suppliers, monitoring warehouses with digital systems, and analyzing data and performance to reduce errors.
  • Our laboratory is always operational, able to carry out a wide range of in-house tests on both the materials and the finished product. In this way we have reduced the time between design and validation of products and we can support our customers in the search for an even greater quality with a reduced production time.

Our work, in short, is to create a company as perfect as possible, safe, innovative, and made efficient to its maximum potential.