With our experience and expertise in extrusion, we develop high quality pipes and profiles, we offer innovative solutions aiming to make each process efficient and sustainable.

All our activities are carried out in compliance with the most stringent quality standards, through tested control methods and multi-year partnerships with selected suppliers, research institutes and certification bodies such as IMQ and DVGW.

Our product portfolio includes hoses for gardening and surface irrigation, pipes with textile inserts for industrial applications, flexible hoses for water inlet and discharge of household appliances, pipes for LPG and Natural Gas passage, special hoses for fuel flow, food fluids, for smoke extraction and many other purposes.

MADE in ITALY for us means putting talent at the service of quality. We work alongside the customer, listening to their needs and looking for effective solutions: whether it is in the choice of polymers, in the technical design, or in the verification of performance, each of our pipes must meet the extremely high standards we have set ourselves. It is the only guarantee of a successful relationship with our partners.

Why Us?

Thanks to our twelve dedicated production lines we maintain greater versatility than most hose manufacturers, while guaranteeing a quick and punctual delivery. Likewise, through our experience in Europe and around the world, we can provide our customers with a reliable range of products, built to satisfy recognized market needs.