Talking about sustainability is important to us, because we produce plastic pipes. We are convinced that the time has come to have a serious conversation about environmental issues, which are increasingly urgent.

Acting on sustainability in a company that works with plastic materials means operating on several fronts. First, finding the right balance in the use of recyclable and recycled materials, coming from the circular economy; then on the production process, which must be as clean as possible in terms of waste, packaging and energy consumption. Finally, operating on the technological research that allows us to produce long-lasting tubes, so resistant that they do not have to be changed every season.

Protecting the environment, designing the future

Optimizing production processes has made the company sustainable from the point of view of energy consumption, through the use of high efficiency engines, so as to avoid waste. We have also reduced the consumption of cooling water, unnecessary packaging and, above all, production waste.

Since 2012 ADFLEX has been part of VinylPlus®, the voluntary consortium for sustainable development of the European PVC industry, working to improve the performance of sustainability and ecological impact.

PVC is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, with a wide range of long-lasting applications such as fixtures, pipes, floors, cables, sports equipment, furniture and a  wide range of life-saving medical devices. PVC can be recycled several times and ADFLEX by using more than 40% of the raw material from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled sources, and giving all of its production waste to the recycling chain, is helping to build a world without waste.