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ADFlex awarded for 50 years with Confindustria Varese

We are proud to announce that ADFlex has received the prestigious award for its 50 years with Confindustria Varese. This significant milestone was celebrated during the General Assembly 2024, an event that saw the participation of numerous other companies honored for their 100, 40, and 30 years of affiliation with the association.

Federico Wizemann, our employee for more than 41 years, collected the award on behalf of ADFlex: further testimony to the historicity of our company.

During the event, the president of Confindustria Varese, Roberto Grassi, gave an inspiring speech that touched on crucial themes for the future of businesses and our country. Grassi stated:

“As we said, today we will talk about development and the future. We do this in a world that has once again, unfortunately, changed for the worse. War has once again become the hallmark of our time, a macabre protagonist of international relations, a danger at our doorstep. The more the world closes in, fragmenting into zones of homogeneous economies, cultures, and interests in conflict with one another, the more we feel like we are taking a step back as humanity. This is a regression we must counter. But we will only succeed if we begin to practice civil progress based on economic growth and technological advancement governed by a new humanism. We must do it and we can do it, as a country and as a territory. We must and can also do it as companies, seeking our place in the world, the right alliances, and the incentives to change. And rethinking social and growth models. This is a reflection that, as entrepreneurs, we immediately put forward in the aftermath of the European elections, whose results will outline the geography of economic and industrial development policies for the coming years.”

We sincerely thank President Roberto Grassi for his constant support and for his words that inspire us to continue on the path of progress and innovation.

With this recognition, ADFlex renews its commitment to excellence and collaboration, looking forward with confidence to the next 50 years together with Confindustria Varese.