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PVC, a decarbonization’s ally

In the fourth quarter of 2022, PVC Forum Italia issued an important document entitled “Decarbonization – The production, innovations and contribution of PVC” aimed at companies in the PVC supply chain so that they contribute to achieving the decarbonization objectives established both internationally both European. In particular, the document suggests an intervention in these four […]

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ADFlex becomes a case study for a degree thesis

In 2022 AdFlex became a case study for the thesis of Dr. Francesca Tateo, School of Economics and Management of the Carlo Cattaneo LIUC University.The title of the thesis is: “Extraordinary finance operations – The ADFlex spa case” and the objective of the paper is to expose the opportunities for Italian SMEs to derive value […]

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Pipes for the agri-food industry: an idea for using fermentation CO2

The world is moving towards an increase in the circular economy: it’s a fact, as well as an asset for saving natural resources. The latest innovation in this sense in the agri-food world is the idea, already in the air for some time, of using the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentation of wine and […]

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A future for plastics and rubber: ADFlex and the meeting in Bergamo

Talking about a Green change in the plastic and rubber sector is difficult but sacrosanct. Thanks to new recovery technologies and continuous training – in respect of the workers and entrepreneurs of the sector – the future is always brighter (indeed, greener).These reflections were at the center of the meeting which took place last July […]

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810 thousand tons PVC recycled: it’s VinylPlus, baby

VinylPlus – the ten-year voluntary commitment to develop more environmentally responsible methods to produce, use and recycle PVC to which ADFlex is also a member – has announced that it has recycled 810,000 tons of PVC in Europe, equal to almost 27% of the waste generated. A great success for the first year of the […]

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Plastic, PVC and the increase in energy costs

The price of raw materials and energy has risen sharply since January 2022, affecting businesses and the market in general. According to ARERA, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, in the first quarter of 2022 the price of natural gas increased by approximately 94% compared to the same period in 2021 and […]