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The journey toward a more inclusive work environment continues

After joining the Gender Equality Certification program, our commitment to a fair and inclusive work environment continues, partnering with other companies to share practices and experiences from sectors other than our own.

On January 24, 2024, together with SF&A Serramenti Simonetto, we facilitated an intensive eight-hour Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) training session led by a trainer specializing in corporate gender equality.

Representatives from different levels and functions of the company, from production to administration, from management to quality and human resources, participated, although unfortunately due to work shifts not all employees attended. However, the training was then transmitted to all areas through the representatives.

Topics covered during the training:

  • Gender bias related to cultural and generational differences
  • Feminist movement and gender equality
  • Analysis of ‘normal’ behaviors and experienced situations
  • Prevention of body shaming and promotion of respect
  • European legislation on harassment and abuse in the workplace

The training meeting was just one of the many steps ADFlex is taking to reduce the gender gap, specifically supporting the professional development of women.
As already pointed out, for ADFlex, Gender Equality Certification is an operational and strategic tool, even more important considering the high percentage of men employed in the production sector of our company.