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ADFlex chooses solar energy for a more sustainable future

ADFlex Group is increasingly committed to adopting renewable energy sources with an easily understandable goal: to reduce its ecological footprint. That’s why the company recently installed solar panels on its structure, thus demonstrating a concrete commitment to the increasing use of clean energy.

Already from May 2023 the solar panels are active and are going to produce more than 400,000 kWh every year, covering about 20% ​​of the annual energy needs (ADFlex works in shifts and also operates at night).

We have long been aware of the importance of adopting renewable energy sources to combat climate change and preserve the environment for future generations and the installation of the panels is only the beginning of our commitment to increasingly sustainable production. We are determined to implement further innovative solutions that allow us to make the most of the available renewable energy sources, thus reducing the use of energy from non-renewable sources.