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A future for plastics and rubber: ADFlex and the meeting in Bergamo

Talking about a Green change in the plastic and rubber sector is difficult but sacrosanct. Thanks to new recovery technologies and continuous training – in respect of the workers and entrepreneurs of the sector – the future is always brighter (indeed, greener).
These reflections were at the center of the meeting which took place last July 7 in Bergamo with QN Il Giorno, Bper Banca and Casartigiani on the future of rubber and plastic, between circular economy and product sustainability.

In the talk, which was attended by the director of the newspapers QN Agnese Pini and the director of Il Giorno Sandro Neri, we talked about data and perspectives, starting with the recovery numbers: in Lombardy, for example, 25 kilos of plastic are recovered per capita every year thanks to citizens, organizations and state-of-the-art facilities such as that of Montello.

And what about the industries? “The plastics industry is integrated with two sectors in particular: the chemical one and that of machinery manufacturing – commented Matteo Dell’Acqua, CEO of AdFlex -. These are sectors with an important employment impact: changes must be made, but not blindfolded ”.
A few more numbers: in Italy there are 457 companies with 45,000 employees that work in plastic and rubber trade and production.

The future of plastics and rubber is not just a matter of environmental alert: also the lack of raw materials, increasingly pressing, and the rising costs of energy are topics that need all the attention possible.