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Pipes for the agri-food industry: an idea for using fermentation CO2

The world is moving towards an increase in the circular economy: it’s a fact, as well as an asset for saving natural resources. The latest innovation in this sense in the agri-food world is the idea, already in the air for some time, of using the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentation of wine and alcoholic beverages instead of throwing it / letting it disperse.
The idea was also relaunched by the online magazine Agronotizie which highlights how the cost of carbon dioxide to produce water and carbonated drinks has increased about seven times, from 3,000 euros to 21,000 per ton. At the same time, paradoxically, tons of CO2 are thrown away from the Italian wineries engaged in the harvest and winemaking.

As is known, alcoholic fermentation produces alcohol and CO2 which is dispersed into the environment, if not reused at most inside the cellar for the production of sparkling wines.
What would it take to avoid this waste? The development of technological systems equipped with pipes for food use and compressors, as well as cylinders for storage and state-of-the-art safety systems.

The market for quality food grade tubes is growing and we at ADFlex are ready to support the circular economy with our certified and guaranteed products.