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PVC, nice to meet you!

What is one of the most popular plastics in the world and how is it produced

If the pvc had a passport, in the section dedicated to the proper name it would have written: Polyvinyl chloride, or Polymer of Vinyl Chloride.

It is one of the most produced, used and marketed plastics in the world: only in Europe it is estimated of about 6 million tons processed and sold in a year, about a seventh of the world’s 44 tons (source:

From the chemical point of view (in our  passport scan we arrived at the section: special marks) pvc is a white powder with physical-mechanical characteristics that make it widely usable in any type of object, and its official date of birth is 1913, year in which it is patented by the German Friedrich Klatte..

The advantages of pvc

From construction to the pharmaceutical and medical surgical sector, from the food packaging sector to fashion (many bags also of haute couture brands are made of this material), pvc is really used for every kind of product.

But, and we know it well, it gives the best of itself in the production of pipes. PVC pipes are:

  1. Resistant to crushing, especially when spiraled
  2. Resistant to light, chemicals and corrosion
  3. Durable, their life has a length of over 70 years
  4. Safe, which makes them perfect for the medical and food industry
  5. Recyclable several times

Moreover, pvc is suitable for study and innovation: in short, it is not a material that has already finished surprising us and revealing all its potential.

For example, recent technological developments have made it possible to speed up the polymerization reaction needed to create PVC.

This rightfully makes Polyvinyl Chloride one of the most futuristic materials to date.